Serving Tenants Since 1986


Our long history of success and the loyalty of our valued tenants dates back to 1986. It was then when four partners, Jeffrey Lee Cohen, Dennis Berman, Gary Berman and Michael Epstein, came together to form a commercial real estate management company based on providing great buildings and amenities with an extraordinary level of service.  

Their instincts were right.  Twenty-five years and more than 75 employees later, BECO and its tenants have achieved great things together, growing to more than 6 million square feet of real estate spanning Maryland, Virginia and most recently North Carolina.

Over the years, we have built an exceptional leadership team that is as committed as ever to ensuring tenants experience the extraordinary.  Setting the example, president Jeffrey Cohen still answers tenant calls directly, participates in service follow-up surveys and sends staff-wide “Learning Moments” to ensure everyone is at the top of their game at all times.  The premise is simple. Tenants deserve great service and with that as the foundation to our thoughts and behaviors, simple speaks volumes.  It isn’t about us.  It is about our tenants and making sure their life is a little bit better at work every day.

We encourage you to join us for another 25 years as we continue to expand our footprint, amenities and service features to exceed our tenants’ expectations.