Keeping It Personal


Our leasing team is made up of experienced and talented individuals. They are fast and focused problem solvers empowered to make quick decisions. They have a deep-rooted understanding of the market and adapt quickly to the changing dynamics of the industry. BECO’s leasing team listens to your needs, is responsive and thorough, and negotiates fair and transparent deals.

Success is no stranger to BECO. Every year, we secure large, multinational tenants right alongside the new small business owners. And it’s because of our relationships. Our personalized service sets us apart from other national leasing companies. Be it our consistent contact with existing tenants, proactive outreach to potential clients, or the strong relationships we have built with leading industry brokers, we aim to understand your unique needs, anticipate future requirements and respond quickly with solutions aligned to the real estate environment.

Unlike other companies, just filling office space is not enough for us. It’s about getting you into the right space and keeping you and your employees happy and productive. Retention matters. So if it’s not a winning situation for you, we know in the long run, it’s not right for BECO either. We look to partner with our tenants – creating a win for us both. Our fundamental belief is that we can only be successful if we are putting tenants in space that fully matches or exceeds their needs. And let’s be honest, to fully understand your needs, we need to get to know you. We strive to build lasting relationships – whether you end up leasing from us or not.