No Coasting. No Excuses.
BECO Gets It Done.

Our Team

Every organization takes on the personalities and characteristics of its people.  People are the foundation at BECO.  Our overriding philosophy is ‘BECO gets it done.’ It means no coasting, no excuses, no procrastinating and is an attitude reflected in all that we do.  Each BECO team member is empowered with this philosophy, allowing us to provide each tenant, broker and client with extraordinary service.  There is a fluid and collaborative approach to solving challenges that often finds the most unlikely team members putting their heads together to define and execute the best solution.  We’ve been in business for more than 25 years and we are continually reevaluating our processes and implementing new efficiencies. We embrace change.  Our people stay hungry and work hard.  It is our pleasure to introduce you to them now.


Jeffrey Lee Cohen

President and CEO





5410 Edson Lane
Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20852

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Providing outstanding tenant service since 1986

Jeffrey Cohen founded BECO Management in 1986 with three partners, Dennis Berman, Gary Berman, and Michael David Epstein.  Together their last names form the BECO in the company’s name, though their passion for commercial real estate management and tenant service always defined it.  Jeffrey’s extensive experience includes practical, property management know-how and a keen understanding of Commercial Real Estate Management Acquisition and Development.  He thinks of big ideas to better his tenants’ experience and those of his employees like no one else.  Tenants are Jeffrey’s top priority and he’ll often personally involve himself in tenant issues in order to be as proactive as possible, always urging the BECO team to do the same.  Jeffrey has big dreams and visions for BECO Management, some of which have been realized, while many others continue to evolve.

Jeffrey encourages tenants to reach out to him directly should they not be experiencing the best BECO has to offer, or to share their success stories and compliments at 1.800.572.BECO (2326).