In an effort to assist you in navigating the COVID-19 vaccine programs, we have compiled the following list of resources. Note that the vaccine is being distributed by state and local governments, with each state making its own recommendations on prioritization and distribution.

(NEW 2/17/21) Virginia Department of Health (VDH) just launched a state-wide pre-registration system that adds your information to a vaccine waitlist. The waitlist enables you to be contacted when you are eligible to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine. You will also receive updates from the state. Note, this system does NOT schedule appointments for you.

For more info, see:

To sign up, click:

Vaccine Info:


(NEW 3/9/21) The Johns Hopkins 30-Minute COVID-19 Briefing: Every Friday at 12:00 p.m. EST for 30 minutes, experts from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (CRC) will provide live insights on the state of the pandemic and the public health responses, focusing on what you need to know now. Each briefing will include a live Q&A with experts. Click here to join:

(2/11/21) Plan Your Vaccine – New user-friendly interactive tool provides a comprehensive source for information on vaccine programs across the country. Check eligibility based on your location, age, occupation and health risks, and find the closes vaccination locations to you, including pharmacies and public health centers. This one link enables you to check information easily for relatives in others states, as well.

Information and data about the state-by-state distribution of the vaccine can be found on the websites of:


Fact Sheets


Tips on keeping up with COVID-19 vaccine information:

      • Check these websites often, as information about vaccine availability is changing quickly and varies state by state
      • Sign up for automatic e-mail/text vaccine updates if your portal has this feature
        • Join both your state and county’s portals for auto alerts
      • Check your primary care physician’s/health care provider’s website, as it might contain information about administering the vaccine to patients

**Note: the above is being provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as healthcare or other advice, or as an endorsement of a particular vaccine.  We strongly encourage you to speak with your physician about the vaccine, its risks and benefits, and its availability in your area.

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