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Hilliard Studio Method Workouts

Liz Hilliard, Creator of Hilliard Studio Method

Fitness expert Liz Hilliard returns with her unique, proven, unparalleled workouts. Grab your workout gear and get moving!

Guiding Kids Through Processing Emotions

“My kids have been robbed of graduation, sports and prom.”

Melissa McCreery Douaire, M.Div., M.Ed., GC-C
Founder of Whole Person Conversations

Learn more about:

    • The art of listening
    • The importance of celebrating milestones
    • Engaging and empowering kids to create alternative experiences
    • How behavior modeling can help kids move forward
    • The difference in processing negative emotions vs. getting stuck in them


The Green Room

Pause your day and push play! Step into The Green Room and watch previous webinars or listen to podcasts online anytime. 

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