September 7 • 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Watch Party • Lunch provided!

Located in the BECO West Agora, 5410 Edson Lane, Suite 200, North Bethesda, MD

Where do you start?

Don’t know how or where to begin? Branding expert Phil Pallen does! He’s ready to help you master practical steps for using AI for your business by explaining:

  • How AI can streamline business functions
  • Basic ways to begin using AI that anyone (especially you!) can do
  • The best (and cheapest) tools to maximize AI for your needs
  • Specific examples of how AI helps companies in different industries

PHIL PALLEN is an expert strategist + adviser for hundreds of companies from over 30 countries, including a SHARK TANK SHARK, a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER, politicians, and SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT NAMES IN ENTERTAINMENT. Pallen has delivered speeches on five different continents and frequently appears as an expert contributor in media outlets around the world, including CNN, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, and THE DAILY MAIL.

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