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Hassle-free on-site automotive service and repair is provided by Mars2Cars, the solution to all of your vehicle maintenance needs. With the click of a mouse, schedule one of their ASE certified technicians to come service your vehicle right here at BECO Park.

Services and pricing

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10% off for all BECO customers.

Basic Brake ServiceEither front or rear pads with 16pt. Inspection$129.99 ($229.00 value)
Deluxe Brake ServiceEither front or rear pads AND Rotors with 21pt. Inspection$329.99 ($460.00 value)
Premium oil changeOil and filter change with Synthetic oil$56.00 ($89.00 value)
Tire rotationEnhance tire wear and equal out front to rear and side to side wear rates.$15 (with oil change)
Battery replacementWe will come to you and replace your battery and check your charging systemStarting at $189.99
Serpentine Belt ReplacementThe serpentine belt supplies power to the engines vital systemsStarting at $129.99
A.C. ServiceAC checks, repairs and services handled by ASE certified technicians$89.99 ($199.99 value)
Check Engine LightWe diagnose engine light codes, get you repaired and get you back on the road$55 ($150 value)
Tune-UpTune-ups bring power and fuel efficiency back to your vehicleStarting at $99
Complete Vehicle Check-upWe examine brakes, tires, fluid levels, belts, wipers, battery, hoses and more!$85.00 ($250 value)

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