Learn valuable tips for everything from unlocking the power of LinkedIn to secrets of successful public speakers in this webinar series with entrepreneur Kim Kaupe. At 25 years old, Kim created a company that passed the million-dollar revenue mark in less than a year. She scored offers from 4 out of 5 sharks on Shark Tank, made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and counts Oprah and Paul McCartney as clients.
Happy Accidents, Shark Tank And Finding Your Path

Kim was 25 years old with no funding and no idea how to create a company when she started, yet her business passed the million-dollar revenue mark within 11 months of starting the company. She scored offers from 4 out of 5 sharks on Shark Tank, made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List, and counts A-listers from Paul McCartney to Oprah as clients. In this talk, Kim reveals how you too can change the trajectory of your life – no experience needed!

    • How being an outsider and new to a field has its advantages
    • How to find your superpower and how to best use it
    • How to best utilize the relationships you have
Celebrity School: Big Lessons From The Biggest Stars

From Katy Perry and Oprah to Comic Con and the NY Mets, Kim has worked with A-list celebrities, brands and individuals across the entertainment industry. With heart-warming stories and can-you-believe-it moments Kim shares lessons, best practices, tips and tricks from some of her favorite clients! You will learn:

    • How to approach work with intention (Lesson From: Oprah)
    • The power of your reputation and how to protect it (Lesson From: Beyoncé)
    • Why fun matters in business (Lesson From: Phil Collins)
Mentorship Matters: Supercharge Your Career

Kim’s “Four Mentor Method” quickly took off gaining traction in Forbes, Inc. and on MSN. Expanded here, Kim details the importance of mentorship when it comes to your career: what it is, how to get it, and why it’s not as hard as you think. She outlines the four mentor-types you need to become successful, where to find them, and how to utilize them to propel your career. You will learn:

    • What types of mentors you need
    • How to utilize mentors to supercharge your career
    • How to find mentors and create a winning relationship
Public Speaking 101: How To Show Up As Your Best Self

Whether you are showing up virtually or in person, public speaking can be intimidating. Break down your nervous energy one step at a time with these tried and true methods of presenting your best ideas with confidence. You will learn:

    • Tools and products to purchase to help you present well from home
    • Tips on connecting with your audience authentically
    • How to keep people's attention and solicit engagement
LinkedIn: Unlock The Power & Potential

LinkedIn is a powerful global business platform that will only continue to grow over the next decade. Learn how to boost your LinkedIn profile, create meaningful connections and source opportunities for your career online with this informative session. You will learn:

    • LinkedIn basics from setting up a profile to finding colleagues
    • How to optimize your profile
    • Posting tips and best practices
    • How to discover new features and updates

Digital Networking: How To Grow Your Network

This past year has changed the way we create meaningful relationships with coworkers, build professional networks and meet new people in our industry. Learn how to find, create and build dynamic relationships that will next-level your career in the digital age. You will learn:

    • Best practices for digital networking
    • How to find fellow industry experts and individuals
    • Tips for building a sustainable pipeline of new contacts and connections
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