Helping Kids Safely Navigate Snapchat

With Liz Repking, Founder of Cyber Safety Consulting

What Parents Can Do

    • Consider if your child has the maturity to navigate the challenges of Snapchat safely and ethically.
    • Know where your child is online and what they are doing. This also includes understanding how the app works and what dangers is presents to your child.
    • Understand the privacy settings of the app so that you can ensure that you have reduced the risks as much as possible.
    • Consider using a third-party monitoring software if you have significant concerns around what your child is doing on the app. Bark is one software that will moderate for drug related language and images and alert the you when it finds anything.
    • Communicate with your child about the drug issue. Show them news stories and clips so they do not just write you off as an out of touch, overprotective parent.
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