The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

Carol Dweck

Pioneering Researcher of Motivation + Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

Carol Dweck is a researcher of “growth mindset” — the belief that we can grow our brain's capacity to learn and to solve problems. She shares two ways to think about a problem that’s too difficult to solve. Instead of thinking you aren't smart enough to solve it, consider that perhaps you have just not solved it yet.

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    • Growth Mindset (embracing and looking forward to challenges) vs. Fixed Mindset (being gripped in the tyranny of “Now”)
    • Having a growth mindset leads to increased brain activity when confronted with challenges and allows you to see the big picture, rather than focusing on the need for constant validation.
    • To support a growth mindset in children, praise their process, effort, focus, strategies and improvement, rather than praising intelligence and talent.
    • Using the words “yet” or “not yet” gives kids more confidence and enables more persistence in students.
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