Why Our Screens Make Us Less Happy

Adam Alter

Bestselling Author + Professor of Psychology & Marketing, New York University

Psychologist Adam Alter studies how much time screens steal from us and why they are so good at it. He explains how all those hours you spend staring at your phone could be making you miserable and provides ways to take back control of your screens. 

Copy Amy's Homework:

    • People in the screen-based tech industry do not use their own products.
    • From 2007–2017, personal time gave way to screen time.
    • Good Apps (relaxation, weather, reading, education, health and wellness) vs. Feel Bad Apps (dating, social networking, gaming, entertainment, news, web browsing)
    • Try incorporating a stopping cue into something you do every day. For example, since you eat dinner every day, have a rule never to use your phone at the dinner table.
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